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Wednesday, 23 January 2013



General Sylvester is holding a gun to the head of president of United States—
I have played biggest hoax in history with the help of a handful of men, and I would have collected my reward,  and would have gotten away with 40 tons of gold ,had a lunatic not interfered with my plans and destroy it, your whole army would have watched helplessly!
In the caves underneath the Blue Ridge Mountains—
Garth tries to desperately and anxiously regain contact with white house-“why are you silent professor, has the person in league with ‘insect men’ has been apprehended?”
In white house—
Sylvester- I am going to hold you as my hostage Mr. President and if you resist your colleagues and friends here get killed!
As president of u.s.a. walks out of the room with general Sylvester following with gun drawn at his back ,two security men hiding on either side of the door  realize that this was the situation that professor lumiere had asked them to be wary of!
“he was right, general had pulled a gun on the president!”
Security men hidden on the sides of the door pounce on unsuspecting general Sylvester and knocking him unconscious by striking his head with pistol butts  ask the president—have we done the right thing Mr. president?
President [wiping his face with a handkerchief]- you did well!”but how did you  suspect the general?”
Intelligence officer-“on the hint given by professor lumiere, we were not very sure, but we had made arrangements for your safety and security!
Lumiere-like Garth I also insist that since general Sylvester had selected Lincoln head at Rushmore , he was working in collusion with the “insects”
In the caves a fight is raging –
Zeek- we could hold them at bay for one week garth, but our stock of ammunition is almost gone!
Garth –hmm. And it seems that some of the insects have also come back! I is possible that it would take 2-3 more hours for the army to arrive, let me see  if we can escape through the sky light
Garth manages to open the sky lights-“zoe! Zeek! Come here!
Garth escapes through a large metallic ventilator their pursuers soon spot the way they have escaped-“they will come out the northern end of this tunnel we can catch them there!”
Zeek- trying to get down over clumsily the ventilator cover removed by Garth- son you seem to have formulated some very interesting escape route, now how do I get down this thing?
Joe- pa! Please go on and remind me of your torn pants, will have to darn it!
Zeek- I can hear the footsteps approaching this way.
Joe- I have only two shots left in my rifle what chance do we have before the Tommy guns?
Garth- there was this draft of fresh air right ahead; we will soon reach the exit
Joe- but Garth they are right behind us they will kill us immediately in open space
Mob wielding guns is following Garth and friends on their way to outside world from the bowels of Blue Ridge Mountains—“hurry up, we will nab them now!”
Ahead in the cave Garth pauses looking at heavy fallen wooden beams—“you two go on ahead, will follow later.”
Zeek- what is on your mind?
The tunnel is weak on this side I will try to break it down to prevent those men following us—says Garth grimly .
With the help of wooden beam Garth smashes  pillars supporting  the roof one after the other.
In the end—Joe [watching from a distance in the tunnel cries out-]--“he will be buried beneath the rubble”
Zill[trying to hold back a struggling Joe who wants to break free to run out and help Garth]---stop here! Even you cannot save him!
A 60 foot chunk of roof of the tunnel gives way and collapse around Garth even as he tries to escape!
Page -24
Joe comes to the aid of a fallen garth---garth! Are you hurt?
No!, now they will not be able to catch us from behind , let us break out in to the open , I do not want to come face to face with them.
There is an iron channel door in front, one rock will take care of this one too , wait here I will just come back.
Zeek – he is a strange one! It is so difficult to stop him!
Joe- he is so… crazy!  In your opinion How old is he pa?
Garth, Joe and zeek are watching a troop of 1000 marines parachuting down in to the den of “insect men”
“Don’t shoot …we surrender!”
Garth – Joe ,zeek don’t go exploring for gold any more , you got it all here!
Zeek- how so?
Joe –“he means we saved 50 tons of gold for the government, we will be honored and rewarded, and maybe we will be on telly too!



  1. Thank Ramesh,
    I will translate it to Turkish, as soon as possible...

    1. welcome, i am on the job, translating glinoig miracle and the brain and time cauriers too

  2. Waah, Superb, Thanks, Bhaiji